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Concrete Garden Products

Concrete Garden Products

Precast concrete garden products come with a A1 class finish can be easily painted to suit any garden. We have a wide range of products;

Concrete tree surrounds : Come in a large square and small square shapes , Large Square Tree Surround 640mm external and 430mm internal
Small Square Tree Surround 450mm external and 250mm internal

Round concrete tree surrounds, Large which is 750mm external and 450mm internal
Small which is 600mm external and 300mm internal

Round tree rings are also come in half sections large & small.

Concrete garden edging standard length is 914mm can be cut down to suit size.
These mower strips are designed with easy mowing as a standard mower can run a long the edge without having to trim with an edger.

Base of garden edging is 150mm and height is 100mm.

Garden edging corners come in external and internal dimensions

Large Round FULL piece 914 mm Kidney Stones
Large Round HALF piece 610 mm Square 500mm x 500mm
Small Round FULL piece 450 mm Square 330mm x 330mm
Small Round HALF piece 300 mm Round 400 mm
Large Square FULL piece IN & EX Corners Round 330 mm
Small Square FULL piece