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Coloured Pavers

ColouredĀ Pavers also known as Precast Slabs have a wide variety of use, such as driveways footpaths lidsĀ and garden shed base. Precast slabs can be used in areas such as building rooftops or just in your simple backyard for a path to the clothesline.
They can be designed for easy removal to access points under ground such as mains.All slabs have a concrete rating of 44MPA with a 28 day dry time to full strength.All flat slab have a A1 finish due to the simple fact that AAWest we use steel moulds which produce a smooth finish.We also make slabs to size, moulding may be required please inquire on 02 9838 1881.Listing of Standard size slabs:


600 X 600 X 40mm

600 x 450 x 40mm

600 x 300 x 50mm

450 x 450 x 40mm

450 x 300 x 40mm

300 x 300 x 40mm

600 x 150 x 50mm


900 X 600 X 50MM

900 X 900 X 50MM

1000 X 1000 X 50MM

900 X 450 X 50MM

750 X 750 X 50MM

750 X 450 X 50 MM